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Round Circle Cushions (3 x sizes)

Round Circle Cushions (3 x sizes)

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Fashionable Style

Variety of options, allowing you to easily decorate a family style full of fashion elements, modern and simple style with a Japanese-style plain element theme, sitting on this cushion, you can feel life The tranquility and gentleness, release the pressure of your life and work, can be used in all seasons, and it is also very environmentally friendly, it also allows better appearance and strength of the textile while ensuring more comfortable care.


The charming cotton and linen fabric design with elegant buttons is beautiful and breathable, anti-static, convenient and durable, relatively textured fabric surface stimulates blood flow and promotes relaxation and can evenly distribute pressure and relieve muscle fatigue. It can also be used as large pillow cushion, sofa mat cushion, backrest and headrest, chair cushion, floor pillow, bay window cushion, round yoga mat and meditation cushion, baby toy, etc.

High Quality

The material is made of anti-wrinkle, good breathable cotton and linen fabric, long-term sitting without boring sweat, cotton and linen fabric is a breathable fabric not easy to shrink– warm in the winter and insulating and cool in the summer. The filling is pearl cotton fiber, which is several times the elasticity of ordinary fiber. It is not easy to collapse after sitting for a long time. It is fluffy and elastic, and it is comfortable to live starting with a good cotton core.

Perfect Gift

If your friends or family members often need to sit for a long time at work or at home, then this round tatami chair cushion is definitely a perfect gift. Through long-term use, It also regulates the nervous system, causing the meridian to dredge and enhances a person's sleep. Everyone wants such a stylish and practical hip pillow as a gift. It is the best accessory for work or home and the best companion for a better life and meditation pillows for sitting on floor extra large.

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