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Cacao (Small - 2 People)

Cacao (Small - 2 People)

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Organic Ceremonial Cacao with unique spice blend and beautiful meditation.

After guiding many cacao ceremonies for women in circle, we have brought together all you need in one bag to hold your own beautiful ceremony. It includes high quality organic ceremonial-grade cacao from Peru and a select blend of spices to create your delicious, rich ceremonial cacao drink. All you need to add is a little plant-based milk.

Step-by-step instructions are also provided to guide you through the ceremony including a suggested ritual to prepare your cacao. A QR code with the instructions allows you to download our beautiful guided 'Release & Renew' meditation. 

Your Bliss in a Bag contains:

Raw Cacao

Spice Blend


Link to your beautiful meditation

Create your own cacao ceremony with everything you need here in a bag!

  • Ingredients

    Cacao (60%), Sugar, Spices

    May contain traces of sesame seed, garlic

    Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, if you're caffeine sensitive or suffer from a heart condition

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